Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Old enough to know better?

Mine! Don't steal! (Wouldn't it be funny if cucumbers grew this way?) 

I wonder if I could be brutally honest with God. I think I hide with Him as much as others. I hide the down dirty stuff. Everyone does, I guess, but I forget God knows all of it anyway. And I catch myself trying to deny what I'm feeling and trying to gloss over the truth in a prayer with requests and thoughts I imagine He'd like better. Not sure why I still do that.

I imagine God is somewhat like my mother was back when I was three; she'd purse her lips, trying not to smile while patiently unfolding the proof that I'd fibbed (badly). Or the  way she'd say "Where's Jenny? I don't see her, she must be hiding," when I would press my face in the seat cushion of the armchair, still under the impression that if I couldn't see her, she couldn't see me, all while my little rear stuck up in the air.

Sure, it's cute when you're three. But at forty-three, I wonder if God is still amused.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Not like that!

I was whining at my doctor today, trying to explain my frustration about a condition I have: "I just want to be FIXED!"

(Pause) My eyes opened wide.

"Well," I said, "not like a cat! You know what I mean!"

We both laughed, and damned if he didn't say "Sometimes laughter is the best medicine."

Thanks to Lynn Johnson for her own grumpy cat.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seeing the creative process in a new way

Same tree I've drawn before, this time in pencil
This made me feel better about how long it takes me to finish a work of art:

"That new idea is rarely the end of the creative process. The sobering
reality is that the grandest revelations often still need work. The
new idea, that thirty millisecond burst of gamma waves has to be
refined. The rough drafts of the right hemisphere, transformed into a
finished piece of work. Such labor is rarely fun, but it's essential.
A good poem is never easy, it must be pulled out of us, like a
Jonah Lehrer, Imagine: How creativity works

Monday, May 27, 2013

Painting too!

Going to put the following lyrics over it (from I am a seed, by David Crowder)

Oh I've been pushed down into the ground
Oh how I have been trampled down
Lord I put my trust in thee
You won't turn your back on me

Oh I am a seed
Oh I am a seed
I've been pushed down into the ground
But i will rise up a tree

Drawin' agin

Drawing a tree for a friend and mentor.

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